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Cultural Connection: A Foundational Principle

Remaining connected to Aboriginal culture is foundational to NIFCS service delivery model. NIFCS cultural programs are grounded in the traditions and beliefs of the Tsimshian and Haisla people. The agency involves elders and community members in bringing their culture alive for children, youth and families. NIFCS  cultural programs, enriches and enhance the other delegated  programs  provided to children, youth and families. Because culture matters and culture heals, this is an area that NIFCS intends to strengthen and grow continuously in collaboration with the agency member Nations. NIFCS recognises the need for children and youth in NIFCS  care, to have cultural connections and its role in creating cultural permanence, the goal of cultural connections is to mitigate the current path of disconnection and imbalance for Indigenous children and youth in care . It is the Right of every Indigenous child and youth to be connected to their extended families, communities and culture. Therefore NIFCS recommends an ecological and holistic approach to shape and deliver its programs and services.

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