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A Comprehensive, Culturally Based Skills Development Program

The Pathways Home project is a comprehensive, culturally based skills development and engagement program designed by NIFCS to engage and empower children and youth through the teachings of Tsmishian and Haisla Cultural Practitioners, Elders and Indigenous Artists.

To provide a continuum of culturally appropriate seasonal programming that enhances self identity, lifelong learning and leadership qualities in children and youth and strengthens their connections to the cultural practices and teachings of their clan and nation.

To offer children and youth culturally based programs that support the transfer of traditional knowledge, and teach skills that create opportunities for children and youth to reconnect with their community and clan.

• Create cultural programming for children and youth
• Strengthen cultural identity
• Offer programming based on Tsimshian and Haisla cultural values
• Impart essential work and job retention skills for youth transitioning to independent living
• Generate Traditional Use Knowledge through active cultural practice
• Create safe environments to grow and learn
• Promote the transfer of traditional skills
• Provide outreach activities to children and youth in the seven Tsimshian communities served by NIFCS

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