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Training & Resources

Please access these sites for valuable knowledge and training resources to support you as a Caregiver.

BC Foster Parents Association

The BC Federation of Foster Parent Associations (BCFFPA) is a provincial organization run by foster parents. It supports foster families in their work as caregivers and advocates for quality service for children in care.

PRIDE Caregiver Training

The BCFFPA has about 70 local associations across British Columbia. They provide education and training, organize social activities for foster families, support them with ‘buddy systems’ and self-help groups, and work in partnership with organizations on special programs or projects. The BCFFPA operates the Fosterline 1 800 663-9999.

Indigenous Perspectives Society

IPS plays an integral role in training Delegated Aboriginal Agency Social Workers and Caregivers in the most leading edge and culturally anchored practices in providing Child Welfare and Caregiver Services.

Federation of Aboriginal Foster Parents

The FAFP is a non-profit organization run by and for aboriginal foster parents throughout British Columbia. They work in partnership with the BC Federation of Foster Parents Associations to support aboriginal parents – and non-aboriginal people caring for aboriginal children – in ways that respect aboriginal culture and tradition.

Where you will find stories from real caregivers, information on caring for Aboriginal children and youth, high level information on becoming a foster caregiver and a myth busting quiz that aims to educate the public on what it means to be a caregiver and a child or youth in care.

Additional Resources
Sites with Aboriginal foster care, content and issues.

Sites specific to Foster Care in general

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