Unleashing the Potential of our Youth

and Building Community Engagement

The NIFCS Youth Empowerment and Community Engagement Program is essentially a wholesome prevention-based program designed to:

i. Help youth explore the opportunities that the 21st century possibilities offer them in all aspects of life including:

     a. Leadership Skills

     b. Team Dynamics

     c. Communication Skills

     d. Entrepreneurial Skills

     e. Virtual Reality Learning

     g. Drone Piloting Skills

     h. Social Media Marketing 

     i. Web Design & Online Marketing

     j. Writing & Publishing

     k Photography & Videography

     l. Greenhouse Management

    m. Fashion Design

    n. Music, Songwriting & Production

    o. Event Management

    p. Self-defense/Martial Arts

    q. Cooking

    r.  Painting & Sculpting

ii. Improve community engagement utilizing a series of programs and activities that are inspiring and enlightening. These include:


   a. Community Firesides

   b. Networking for Mutual Growth

   c. Parents Group Sunday Brunch & Discussions

   d. Widening the Horizon - Possibilities for our Children

   e. Celebrating Milestones

   f.  Parental Adventures: Parents Only Travels & Excursions

'  g. Wisdom of our Elders: Rediscovering our Roots


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